About this property

Gangaan is a 128ha rainforest wonderland perched high up on the Dorrigo Plateau. With magnificent views north towards Cascade National Park and a frontage to the Little Murray River which is part of the Clarence River catchment, Gangaan would make a perfect base for bushwalking, kayaking or river rafting.

The property is about 30 minutes from the township of Dorrigo and a further 90 to Coffs Harbour along Waterfall Way which provides some of the most spectacular scenery along the New South Wales coastline. An easy 2WD access road on the property leads to a possible house site (STCA) where a sensitive design could make clever use of the proximity of the rainforest.

It would also make a practical base for bushwalkers, river rafters or kayakers as the region is renowned for the multitude of rivers including the Bellinger and the Nymboida. It has a series of internal tracks that provide access to the Little Murray River.

Gangaan contains endangered rainforest communities that also support the particularly significant Antarctic Beech (Nothofagus moorei) which is an important Gondwana relic of rainforests in the southern hemisphere. This tree can trace its origins back to a time when Australia was connected to Antarctica and Africa some 175 million years ago. Nowhere in the NCT property portfolio have we protected this species, making Gangaan a unique contribution to the NCT family.

One threatened frog species, the Pouched Frog (Assa darlingtoni), has been recorded on site by the NCT, and it is expected that other threatened frogs occur onsite given the rainforest streams. It is highly like that an array of other threatened animals and also plants callGangaan home.

From a connectivity perspective, the property is approximately 4 km south from Deer Vale Nature Reserve and 5 km north from New England National Park. The private land to the north is predominantly contiguous vegetation connecting to Deer Vale Nature Reserve while to the south contains a mix of contiguous and patchy vegetation, but is considered to provide a vegetative connection to New England National Park.

Gangaan is a gateway to a pristine rainforest wilderness that has the potential to create a dwelling (STCA) that could generate income via an accommodation service appealing to the extensive wilderness adventure market or simply to enjoy its place as a property of rare beauty.

If you are looking to buy a NSW property like Gangaan, or any rural real estate in NSW for your own weekend getaway, perhaps you will consider a piece of rural land that also plays host to many native plants and animals. All NCT rural properties for sale have been identified as important for their natural value and are sold with a conservation agreement in place.

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