Yellowbox puts conservation in everyone’s hands

Yellowbox is an initiative of the nature conservation trust and enables everyone to purchase a symbolic 10sqm Parcel of land that is protecting high conservation habitat.

Not everyone will be able to purchase a block of land large enough for a conservation covenant so Yellowbox enables everyone get involved in private land conservation. The funds raised through Yellowbox go directly to expanding the total area of protected habitat on private properties across NSW.

All you have to do is go the site and hit Fund a Yellowbox. You can purchase as many as you like for yourself or you can gift them to others for a special occasion or as a thank you. It really is that easy. Your Yellowbox is then forever connected to you online and you can check back to view your Yellowbox at any time.

We will also send you updates on how your support is helping to protect more habitat including stories about wildlife, landholders and new properties for sale.

You might also want to think about bringing your business on board as a partner and using yellowboxes as a staff incentive or reward program or to thank clients for their business.

The power of Yellowbox is that it brings the important role of conservation on private land to as many people as possible. You never know – it may even persuade you to get on board with the real thing and protect a property with high conservation value.

Whatever you do, it’s all helping to raise awareness of private land conservation and increase the amount of funding needed to make this all happen.

Don’t forget to jump to WWW.YELLOWBOX.ORG.AU to grab your 10sqm Yellowbox today!