Bordered Guinea Flower

The borderd guinea flower is an Australian native plant – a small shrub with reddish branchlets and hairy buds that bears bright yellow flowers in spring. The bordered guinea flower (Hibbertia marginata) is now a vulnerable (endangered) plant in NSW.

Bordered guinea flower habitat

The bordered guinea flower occurs only in north-eastern NSW, where it is restricted to the southern Richmond Range between Casino and Grafton. It is mostly found growing on sandstone within grassy or shrubby, dry open eucalypt forest at low altitudes.

Threats to the bordered guinea flower

Clearing of habitat for agriculture and quarrying, inappropriate fire regimes, timber harvesting and road maintenance and widening pose the greatest threats to this plant. The bordered guinea flower is also susceptible to dieback caused by root rot fungus (Phytophthora cinnamomi).


Solutions – What can be done?

The key to recovery for threatened plants such as the bordered guinea flower is identifying and protecting known and potential habitat from clearing, development, road works and timber harvesting. Fire also needs to be managed sensitively to encourage plant regeneration.

The Nature Conservation Trust’s work in private land conservation is helping to protect the habitat of the bordered guinea flower.