How We Work

Covenants are key to private land conservation. This is because the efforts of private landholders are critical to maintaining healthy, functioning and connected ecological landscapes across NSW.

We work with private landholders to establish conservation covenants in two main ways: by applying a covenant to an existing landholder’s property under a covenant program; and by purchasing rural properties with high conservation values which we then sell with a conservation covenant - this is called our Revolving Fund.

Our covenant programs are usually funded through partnerships with Local Land Services (LLS), the New South Wales Government, the Australian Government or other environmental not-for profits. Public fundraising and philanthropy also contributes to protecting more private land under covenant

The Revolving Fund works by reinvesting proceeds from property sales enabling the purchase of more properties delivering conservation outcomes.

Covenant Program We seek out willing landholders to participate in private land conservation through a covenant program targeting a specific species or other environmental outcomes.

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Through our Revolving Fund we purchase land and sell it to a new private owner with a conservation covenant.

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