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Garuwanga - SOLD

About this property

Garuwanga – With rare and sought after frontage to the Numeralla River and Winifred Creek, Garuwanga is a magnificent 276 hectares south-eastern highlands property providing excellent habitat for numerous threatened species including Diamond Firetail, Little Eagle, Gang-gang Cockatoo, Alpine Tree Frog, and Hooded Robin.
If you are looking to buy a bush block like Garuwanga or any rural real estate in NSW for your weekend getaway perhaps you will consider a piece of rural land that is also habitat for many native plants and animals. All NCT rural properties for sale have been identified as important for their natural value and are sold with a conservation agreement in place.

For all inquiries about NCT rural land for sale, contact our Property Sales Manager, Adam Dawson, on (02) 6626 0303 or 0448 801 391, or complete the online contact form.

Property Facts

Diamond Firetail, Little Eagle, Gang-gang Cockatoo, Alpine Tree Frog, and Hooded Robin.