The Nature Conservation Trust of New South Wales is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting private land conservation in New South Wales.

What does the New South Wales Nature Conservation Trust do?

Through our Revolving Fund, Trust Agreement, and Monitoring and Support Programs, the Nature Conservation Trust protects properties with high conservation values.

Prior to purchase through our Revolving Fund or inclusion in our Covenanting Programs, we conduct a thorough assessment of a property’s ecological values.

Our revolving fund programs are used to purchase properties with high conservation value. The Nature Conservation Trust maintains and improves the property’s conservation and agricultural assets before selling it to a willing new owner with a conservation agreement attached. All proceeds from the sale go back into the Revolving Fund to be used for future purchases. With this method, we can get a much higher conservation return on our initial investment.

The conservation agreement brings together the new landowner and the Nature Conservation Trust in order to safeguard a property’s environmental integrity and biodiversity. Because the agreement is recorded on the property title, it ensures that the land will be protected indefinitely.
Our Trust Agreement Programs, unlike our Revolving Fund Programs, allow us to work with existing landowners who are already committed to nature conservation and want to protect their own properties.

Following the registration of the Trust Agreement, the Nature Conservation Trust continues to support the landowner through our Monitoring and Support Program. We see this as a long-term partnership between the Nature Conservation Trust and the landowner to manage the property’s conservation values.
The Nature Conservation Trust is the only organization in New South Wales that has conservation agreements attached to property titles and operates a Revolving Fund.